29 03, 2018

A New Look on Happiness and 4 Affirmations for Creating a Happy Home

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I'm sure all of us can honestly say that we are sincerely happy and grateful for our kids. When we look back on our lives with them, we remember all the "firsts" with such joy. I know this is true for me. Even though all my five kids are teenagers and young adults now, I can still remember the first time I found out I was pregnant, the first time I held each one of them in my arms, the first time they started crawling, their first day of preschool, their high school graduations, taking them to college, etc. [...]

28 03, 2018

Teaching our Children to Embrace the Hero Within

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Stories are powerful. Watching a good movie or reading a book can give us better perspective on the story of our own life.  Seeing the hero struggle and triumph inspires our own courage, bravery and hope in the face of great challenge and difficulty. For this reason, I was shocked by a discussion I had with a second grade counselor the other day. She told me that her students are now strongly resonating with the role of the villain over the role of the hero. They are idolizing the one who is strong, selfish, powerful and undefeated, trying to [...]

18 01, 2018

The Magic of Yoga for Kids!

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The first time I “experienced” Koren Paalman  was when I brought my kids to try out her “Kids Yoga” class at the Iyengar Institute, where I practice yoga regularly. Immediately I felt drawn to her presence as she joyfully invited my kids into the yoga studio, to play an irresistible game of Hide and Go Seek! My boys (ages 8 and 6) fell in love with her classes from the start. Each week I found myself yearning to share with Koren about the positive changes we were experiencing in our family, changes that I directly connected to learnings and [...]