We would like to catch you up on what’s been happening at SFK in the past few months. But why should you care? Because it all starts from childhood! And don’t you agree that we could have all done a bit better if we had been equipped as children with the tools and consciousness to handle life’s curve balls and obstacle courses? At SFK, we do just that through our programs and by partnering with parents, teachers and professionals. Read below to find out how and where we do it.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Peru is unstoppable!

Our longstanding partnership with organization Naomi for Kids in Peru has reached over 2,650 children in 15 schools in the last school year. Hear what ValentinaKristyParis, and Eddy have to share about their experiences and what they’ve learned below. Keep reading to find out about our exciting upcoming events in Peru.

Lighting up the Middle East

In May, we started a campaign to keep the SFK program going in East Jerusalem and well into the next school year. We have the opportunity to reach another group of approximately 3,000 kids – some continuing to Level Two and some starting Level One – as well as training new teachers. We still need your help in raising these funds! If making a difference in this region speaks to you, please donate here.

Far, far away…

In the remote communities of Jesus Emiro Semprun and Jesus Redentor in Venezuela, we partnered with the Wayúu Tayá Foundation and trained a group of 25 teachers. They will now be able to help improve the kids of this region, starting with the 130 children that we’ve granted scholarships. Watch Albis below reflect on the two inner voices.

People around the world are getting certified!

We’re so excited to have people all over the world getting certified to teach the SFK curriculum. The program not only equips them with the best educational practices and SFK tools, it also allows them to go through their own personal transformation.

We’ve just started and we’ve already reached the four corners of the world through people in BrazilCuraçaoGuatemalaIndiathe UK, and the US. Join the movement and make a change in your community. Sign up here today.

We want to stay cool

We are looking into revamping the production of our two programs to be fully animated and current. Details coming soon!

We’re winners!

GuideStarGreatNonProfits, and Homeschool have awarded us! We’ve received our 2018 Gold Seal from GuideStar thanks to how devoted we are in being accountable and transparent. GreatNonProfits has dubbed us a 2018 Top-Rated Nonprofit. And we just won 1st place in the 2018 Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards!

Upcoming events

Later this month we have some amazing events happening in Peru: A family fun fair, a parenting workshop by Michal Berg, and SFK will be presenting to educators and professionals. Pictures coming soon!

August 28: Parenting Workshop
August 29: SFK Presentation
August 30: Family Fun Fair

As we reflect on the accomplishments and opportunities of this year, we’re very proud and grateful. We know we’re making a difference with the children we reach – join and help us so we can continue reaching children like Valentina, Paris and Eddy. We thrive when you’re in the picture and so do our kids!

Thank you for caring!