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“Intelligence and character – that is the goal of a true education.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A non-profit dedicated to every child.

We believe every child in the world should have access to universal spiritual concepts early in life so they can make better life choices for themselves and the world around them.

Our goal is to bring the tools taught by the Spirituality for Kids programs to as many children as possible around the world, in order to help them make better decisions and in so doing, change the course of their lives and benefit future generations.

Watch a brief video of how SFK started in Cuba. To contribute to our efforts in Cuba, or to support similar initiatives in other countries, please donate here.

Choose How You Can Take Part in SFK’s Mission


Our global network of volunteers keep SFK in action! From fundraisers like the recent 5k run in Miami to community events, our volunteers lend a helping hand. They are a critical part of getting the benefits of SFK into communities everywhere!



The dedicated SFK facilitators are responsible for bring SFK teachings into school and organizations. They are especially trained to deliver the lessons to groups of children in every setting.



Our enthusiastic and active ambassadors carry news and information about SFK’s powerful program to businesses, partners, and potential affiliates. They are essential bridge between our program and the world of individuals and businesses that support our global outreach.



SFK and all of its powerful benefits to children would not exist without the consistent and generous support of our donors. Every single part of what we do from curriculum development to classroom facilitation is funded by individuals and businesses who believe in our vision.