This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine!

I find myself mesmerized by the children of our world. Mesmerized by the light that shines from their precious souls, by who they are now, and by who they will become.

I believe that our children have joined us to heal our world.

The kids of today (or should we say the adults of tomorrow!) are full of magic and creativity. For most of their younger years they naturally function at a delicate meditative state. Children are like sponges: they are open and attuned and absorb EVERYTHING that crosses their path.

Our job is simple: to unlock for them a door to their very own “spiritual world”. To provide for them a safe, sacred, protective space where they can thrive.

There exists in our universe a “spiritual world,” a place where time space, & motion simply pause and meld into one fulfilling moment of infinite and limitless possibility (sounds like bliss, right?!). This “infinite reality” is the state of a “meditating mind” that an adult person can tap into, with practice, during meditation.

The “meditating mind” is the natural state of being of our children. It is a pure and precious state that can connect to and access the powerful wisdom of inner light, of inner soul, of “true voice”.

And our children have it all the time. It’s simply our opportunity to guide them to affirm that state.

Affirmative Meditation (bringing positive, sharing thoughts into the “meditating mind”) creates a space to be at your best, to be like the light, thriving in that pure state where all that you receive is for the sake of passing on to others.

I’ve worked at Affirmative Meditation with my kids at all ages. Most recently I chanted “I am Love, I am Peace” to my 2 year old at random times during the day, and to my enjoyment he chanted it right back to me.

It amuses me how I’m surprised every time he repeats it back; it’s as if I forget how our children mirror EVERYTHING we do! And then the motivating truth hits me and once again I’m mesmerized thinking, “they will mirror our beautiful, heartfelt actions as well.”

This little light, this flame, it’s inside us all. By pinpointing this flame in ourselves and in our children we can nourish it and nurture it. We can allow it to shine, share, grow, and light up the darkness.

Look at your kids, look at the children today, look at our future. Open up to the possibility that these children have come with everything needed to help heal our world. Together, let’s learn how to be the keys they need to unlock their future.


Close your eyes for a moment and open up to your soul. Try to remember back to a time when you were very young, to a moment in your childhood, to a very special and very long time ago when you knew the presence of the light existed inside you. Begin to have a conversation with this light inside you! Ask the light in you for the “affirmative meditation” that it needs. Listen. Pay attention to any feelings you have, any phrases or words you hear. Any images that you see.
When you have received an affirmation from your soul, acknowledge that and begin to repeat it to yourself.
When you feel ready open your eyes.
Write down whatever you experienced.

We invite you to play this audio link to help you get to that place…

Share your affirmative meditations and your experiences with your children’s beautiful ability to be your mirror, share whatever’s in your heart….

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