“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Allan Bloom

Conclusive Study Shows Excellence

In a broad, in-depth, independent research study RAND formally evaluated the outcomes of the SFK program on a large sample of participants. What they found was conclusive and impressive. SFK drives positive behaviors, improves emotional balance, and even has measurable impact on learning disabilities. The study noted that the full range of consequential benefits were both immediate and lasting. Also SFK had a larger benefit for children than all other programs that aim to teach the same skills.

Learning Disabilities Amended? Yes!

The RAND study showed that SFK was able to reach these children where other programs were not. Even programs designed to help children with specific learning challenges did not have the same impact. The SFK curriculum brought large improvements to children who struggled with attention, hyperactivity,  withdrawing, and a variety of other issues.

Conclusive Study Shows Excellence
Social and Behavioral Issues? Significantly improved.
Social and Behavioral Issues? Significantly improved.

SFK also massively decreased instances and severity of social and behavioral issues among the children in the study. Though learning social-emotional skills that are not taught in school – children in the study built and strengthened positive relationships. SFK shows children how to recognize and better manage their own emotions. It also teaches kids to consider how their actions affect others. The tools SFK gives children enables them to approach any interaction with the confidence and knowledge to create positive solutions.

SFK is a proven solution when it comes to…

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership potential

  • Social & Behavioral skills

  • Study/Learning skills

  • Adaptability to new situations