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Our Vision

We at SFK believe we can create a world, together, where the essence of every child is seen and honored, and where all children are taught resilience, empathy, and self-worth alongside math and reading.

We commit to creating quality and transformational social-emotional educational content for children, parents, and professionals to ensure healthier, more purposeful, and empowered lives for future generations.


Think Big. Act Bigger.


SFK (Spirituality for Kids International Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit based in Los Angeles CA, USA. We believe that every single child – regardless of their cultural and religious background – should have access to an effective social-emotional education early in life so they can make choices that improve their lives and the lives of others. We are working to co-create a world where all children…

  • Learn resilience, compassion and self-worth alongside math and reading

  • Are honored and celebrated for their unique and important individuality

  • See and and share their unique gifts with their communities