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Lyndra Uzan

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, careful thought, and caring hearts in bringing this message for all the children of the world. My daughters and I have greatly benefited from both levels of this program. I hope that I am able to take this wisdom you have given to me and my family and “pay it forward.” Bless you all.

Olivia Uzan
13-year-old SFK graduate

Level 2 definitely helped me deepen my knowledge on how to deal with my opponent and listen to my true voice.  Each lesson was something that will be needed later on in my life.  This whole program gave me a good foundation on how to handle different situations.  These lessons were presented in a fun and creative way, which motivated me.  It’s a great accomplishment to finish both levels in SFK.

Jay Kemal
Teacher, London UK

“It was love at first sight! The magical thing about teaching SFK is the opportunity it gave me to heal my own childhood issues and traumas – I started to become more fun and light with myself and others. SFK gave me a platform to teach spirituality to teenagers, parents and adults through many different platforms and settings. Not just with my own, but the many children SFK has impacted is beautiful to see and be a part of, from seeing them grow in confidence and treating each other with kindness and respect. By the end of the course, you would have such a shift in behaviour, which class teachers really appreciated. They noticed that once we addressed their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, they were more receptive to listen, behave or make the effort at school.”

Cecilia Rivero
Teacher, Guatemala

“I have seen the SFK program touch the hearts of everybody, no matter where they come from. I have taught SFK to kids in schools, in nonprofit organizations, in factories, and at hospitals. These kids were from different backgrounds (low income to high income), from violent and non-violent environments, ranging from 7 to 58 years old (because even adults have an inner child!) – all with the same result: the child, or the inner child in a grown-up, realizes that they have a wonderful LIGHT within and that they do not have to look for it outside themselves. They learn there are rules and easy-to-use tools that will help them live and share a rich and fulfilled life. The program touches people in such a way, that I, as a teacher, have also been affected. I have seen the Light in everyone. I now value how special everybody is in their own way.”