In this 4-Module Certification Course, you will receive everything you need to know to bring these life-changing lessons to children in your community.

Learning on your own time and at your own pace, you will get cutting-edge educational best practices and lesson-by-lesson tips and guidelines so that you can successfully guide the new generation to a brighter future, charging as much or as little as you want.

For Schools, Organizations or Communities:

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For Schools, Organizations or Communities, click here

For Schools and Organizations:

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Become an SFK Certified Facilitator
Become an SFK Certified Facilitator

SFK’s mission is to help children and youth develop emotional and spiritual intelligence. To know their divine essence, manage their emotions, develop empathy, and build resiliency.

Our Winning in The Game of Life program has the power to transform the way children see themselves and the world and effectively gives them the tools to:
✔️ manage difficult emotions
✔️ see challenges as opportunities
✔️successfully communicate
✔️ understand cause and effect
✔️ make wiser choices

Bring SFK Programs to your school or community

In this 4-Module Certification Course, you will receive everything you need to know to bring these life-changing lessons to children in your community.

• Learn on your own time and at your own pace
• Get cutting-edge educational best practices and lesson-by-lesson tips and guidelines
• The autonomy to charge for your classes as you wish

SFK Core Concepts

The Umbrella of Care Tools - SFK Certification
Social and Emotional Learning - SFK Certification
Spiritual Social and Emotional Learning - SFK Certification
Bring SFK Programs to your school or community

In this 4-Module Certification Course, you will receive everything you need to know to bring these life-changing lessons to children in your community.

• Learn on your own time and at your own pace
• Get cutting-edge educational best practices and lesson-by-lesson tips and guidelines
• The autonomy to charge for your classes as you wish

SFK Core Concepts

The Umbrella of Care Tools - SFK Certification
Social and Emotional Learning - SFK Certification
Spiritual Social and Emotional Learning - SFK Certification

Certification Curriculum

Certification Curriculum

Introductory Module – Action Steps
Introductory Module – Lesson 1: Video (2:59)
Introductory Module – Lesson 1: Action Steps & Downloads
Introductory Module – Lesson 2: Video (4:07)
Introductory Module – Lesson 2: Action Steps
Introductory Module – Lesson 3: Video (5:59)
Introductory Module – Lesson 3: Optional Resources

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 1 – Lesson 1: Video (1:11)
Module 1 – Lesson 1: Action Steps
Module 1 – Lesson 2: Video (3:29)
Module 1 – Lesson 2: Quiz
Module 1 – Lesson 3: Video (6:28)
Module 1 – Lesson 3: Optional Resources
Module 1 – Lesson 3: Quiz
Module 1 – Lesson 4: Video (6:26)
Module 1 – Lesson 4: Action Steps
Module 1 – Lesson 4: Journal
Module 1 – Lesson 4: Quiz
Module 1 – Lesson 5: Video (8:05)
Module 1 – Lesson 5: Action Steps
Module 1 – Lesson 5: Quiz
Module 1 – Lesson 6: Video (5:53)
Module 1 – Lesson 6: Action Steps + Journal
Module 1 – Lesson 6: Quiz
Module 1 – Lesson 7: Integration
Module 2 – Introduction
Module 2 – Lesson 2: Video (1:41)
Module 2 – Lesson 2: The Umbrella of Care and SFK Core Beliefs (5:46)
Module 2 – Lesson 2: Quiz
Module 2 – Lesson 3: Video (5:38)
Module 2 – Lesson 3: Action Steps
Module 2 – Lesson 3: Journal
Module 2 – Lesson 3: Quiz
Module 2 – Lesson 4: Video (10:18)
Module 2 – Lesson 4: Action Steps
Module 2 – Lesson 4: Journal
Module 2 – Lesson 4: Quiz
Module 2 – Lesson 5: Video (8:38)
Module 2 – Lesson 5: Journal
Module 2 – Lesson 5: Quiz
Module 2 – Lesson 6: Video (6:26)
Module 2 – Lesson 6: Action Steps
Module 2 – Lesson 6: Journal
Module 2 – Lesson 6: Quiz
Module 2 – Lesson 7: Integration
Module 3 – Introduction
Module 3 – Lesson 1: Video (1:29)
Module 3 – Lesson 2: Video (8:06)
Module 3 – Lesson 2: Action Steps
Module 3 – Lesson 2: Quiz
Module 3 – Lesson 3: Video (9:27)
Module 3 – Lesson 3: Action Steps
Module 3 – Lesson 3: Journal
Module 3 – Lesson 4: Video (11:49)
Module 3 – Lesson 4: Action Steps
Module 3 – Lesson 4: Journal
Module 3 – Lesson 4: Quiz
Module 3 – Lesson 5: Video (9:34)
Module 3 – Lesson 5: Action Steps
Module 3 – Lesson 5: Quiz
Module 3 – Lesson 6: Video (13:23)
Module 3 – Lesson 6: Action Steps + Journal
Module 3 – Lesson 6: Quiz
Module 3 – Lesson 7: Integration

Module 4: Teachable Moments
Module 4 – Introduction
Module 4 – Lesson 1: Video (1:52)
Module 4 – Lesson 2: Videos (13:47)
Module 4 – Lesson 2: Journal
Module 4 – Lesson 2: Quiz
Module 4 – Lesson 3: Video (5:59)
Module 4 – Lesson 3: Download
Module 4 – Lesson 3: Quiz
Module 4 -Lesson 4: Video (5:58)
Module 4 – Lesson 4: Action Steps
Module 4 – Lesson 4: Journal
Module 4 – Lesson 4: Quiz
Module 4 – Lesson 5: Video (4:24)
Module 4 – Lesson 5: Quiz
Module 4 – Lesson 6: Videos (9:47)
Module 4 – Lesson 6: Action Steps
Module 4 – Lesson 6: Journal
Module 4 – Lesson 6: Quiz
Module 4 – Lesson 7: Integration

As an SFK Facilitator, you will learn how to:

✔ Nurture social-emotional learning skills in your students, including but not limited to–resilience, empathy, perseverance, and balance.

✔ Help kids connect with their True Self and their inherent desire to succeed.

✔ Apply educational best practices such as Learning Levels and Questioning Techniques (Bloom’s Taxonomy) to guide your students into critical thinking so they can make better choices.

✔ Employ the Umbrella of Care model to better connect and create a rapport with your students.

✔ Use SFK’s 7 Guiding Principles for Spiritual Intelligence and teach your students how to turn challenges into opportunities.

✔ Utilize Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Model for identifying your student’s strengths and apply the different learning styles to keep the children engaged.

✔ Address common behavior challenges through the use of Positive Discipline.

✔ Get to know your students’ needs through Active Listening.

✔ Identify teachable moments in the classroom.

✔ Implement SFK tools and vocabulary to help the children solve problems.

✔ Make use of collaborative work and play for meaningful learning and to achieve the objective of each lesson.

✔ Ready-made lesson plans, delivery tips, and much more.

In this video, you see Serkan and Jay, from London, SFK Certified Facilitators, teaching Tommy and Jack, two brothers from Panama, through Zoom our Level One Course: Winning in the Game of Life.

Our SFK Certified Facilitators are using videos, worksheets, art projects, and discussions that spark meaningful conversations. The lessons help children gain awareness and skills to face challenges with resiliency, self-worth, and compassion for themselves and others.

Spirituality for Kids in a UK School

To gain a better understanding of the SFK curriculum, concepts and methodology, you can read our Educator Paper:


Make a difference in your community
while earning extra income.

Make a difference in your community while earning extra income.


Introduction Price: $1,499

Payment plans available:
3 monthly payments of $549


For Schools and Organizations, click here



“SFK changed not only my educational career but also my personal life”

I liked this course very much because I could change not only my educational career but also personal life and teaching style, attitude. I am very happy that I have an opportunity to take part in this wonderful course and life learning journey.

Adolat U.

“I will bring this program not just to children but their parents as well”

Looking forward to bring this amazing to children and their parents in our community and the world!!!

Jean B.

“Aligns with everything children should know”

“Love SFK…. totally aligns with everything I believe and think children should know!!”

Joanna Q.

“Wonderful training program”

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to go through this wonderful training. Thank you for a great program.

Miriam Z.

“Grateful for the experience”

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Esperanza H.

“Amazing wisdom that helps the children and parents win in the game of life”

SFK has an awesome concept of sharing the wisdom to help the children and the parents to elevate their consciousness to win this life we have in this world. I am definitely very excited about sharing this program to my community.

Maria P.

“Program for children in every classroom”

I look forward to sharing this program as much as I can with as many avenues as I can. Thank you for the guidance through all of the concepts and putting together a program for children that I feel should be in every classroom!!!!

Fortune B.

“Teaching the SFK programs gave me the opportunity to heal my childhood issues and traumas”

The magical thing about teaching SFK is the opportunity it gave me to heal my own childhood issues and traumas, I started to become more fun and light with myself and others. Naturally creating a simple spiritual dialogue to relate to others, awakened a desire to have children of my own to have the same dialogue with them (which I have and do now). SFK gave me a platform to teach spirituality to teenagers, parents and adults many different platforms and settings.

Jay Kemal, Teacher, London UK

“Among the many other coaching tools, the SFK curriculum is my first stop in working with students”

The SFK curriculum has given me a foundation, plan, and vocabulary to guide my students and clients through situations and challenges; important opportunities to become a better version of themselves, they would have otherwise let slip by unnoticed. In my practice, although I have access to many other coaching tools, this by far is my first stop in working with clients. I believe if parents and children truly understand and can apply the tools learned in the SFK curriculum, they will be able to live a life of open dialogue, utilize every challenge they encounter as an opportunity, and truly connect to their power to make a difference in the world through their own winning in the game of life.

Hannah Hernandez, New York City, NY

“The SFK program has touched the hearts of kids of different backgrounds and ages in schools, non-profit organizations, factories, and hospitals”

I have seen the SFK program touch the hearts of everybody no matter where they come from. I have taught SFK to kids in schools, in non-profit organizations, in factories, and at hospitals; These kids were from different backgrounds (low income to high income), from violent and non-violent environments, ranging from 7 till 58 years old! (because even adults have an inner child) – all with the same result: the child, or the inner child in a grownup, realizes that they have a wonderful LIGHT within and that they do not have to look for it outside themselves. They learn there are rules and easy-to-use tools that will help them live and share a rich and fulfilled life.

Cecilia Rivero, Teacher, Guatemala

“It impacts the world on the seed level”

There are many organizations doing meaningful work that impacts the world for the better. Spirituality for Kids stands out to me because it impacts the world on the seed level; consciousness. Children who grow up with healthy self-worth, self-regulation, and true care for others, grow into adults who show up in the world with more to give and less to take. This is the power of SFK.

Kate T.

“Each lesson brought valuable changes not only to the children but to myself as well”

I had the pleasure of teaching a class of children ages 6-11 in Miami every Sunday for 12 weeks. Each and every lesson brought valuable information to not only the children but to myself as well. Coming up with examples, even on the spot, was such an easy task simply because I could apply the SFK curriculum to my own life. After being able to teach this class, I can say that when I come across different situations throughout my day, I naturally refer back to the SFK curriculum and use it! Every time we met in class, I could see a shift in the children I taught.

Ariel Auerbach, Miami, Florida

“SFK has been a transforming experience in my own life and the life of my family, far beyond what I could imagine”

I’ve had the blessing and fortune of achieving though SFK what I desire to do for my students. I finally found a way of bringing about change for the children, but SFK has also been a transforming experience in my own life and the life of my family, far beyond what I could imagine. Now, as a facilitator trainer, I have the opportunity to duplicate the ability to plant seeds that will reach more and more children around the world. I want them to have the opportunity to live a fulfilled life regardless of their conditions and help make the world a better place.

Almen Rojas

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



By participating in our certification course, you will gain leadership and communication skills to better help children develop empathy, grit, and confidence. You will have a proven curriculum, and insider tips on how to support the children through it in the optimal way. The skills you learn from SFK will be a boon in all parts of life, personal and professional.

Once you have been accepted, you will gain access to our online certification course. You can work through the modules at your own pace, and we will receive notification once you have finished the course and completed your final test.
First of all – cutting-edge educational best practices, a toolkit of leadership and communication skills, and lesson-by-lesson tips and guidelines. Additionally, one of the core aims of the training is to give you the opportunity to go through the SFK curriculum, just like a child, so you can do the work yourself before teaching it to others. To be able to walk the talk, you need to have internalized it first. Thus, we believe that part of being a good teacher is to be a student first.
Experience in teaching children is preferable. That being said, passion and good rapport with kids are key! So if the candidate has no prior experience but a great desire to teach SFK’s social-emotional learning skills, a passion for helping children thrive, and is able to demonstrate an affinity for working with them, then that’s more than sufficient. Our training program will walk you through everything you need to make you a confident and successful facilitator.
Once you’re a certified SFK Facilitator, you’ll be able to teach SFK’s Level One Course to large groups of children in your schools and communities.
When teaching your own kids, you already have a sense of familiarity and comfort. Teaching in a group setting to kids you may not know at all requires sensitivities and skills that differ from family settings – especially when it comes to the tougher topics. SFK-certified Facilitators are equipped with the necessary communication, collaboration, and listening skills to successfully teach the SFK concepts to any child in any setting.
We welcome teachers, coaches, professionals who work with kids and families, parents, and anyone who is passionate about teaching social-emotional learning skills to children.



SFK takes the safety of children seriously. Candidates must be 18 years or older and agree to submit a background check as a requirement for application approval.
Embedded in the actual training are journal exercises, self-reflection, quizzes, and tests that you need to pass in order to get certified.
There are 5 modules and 31 lessons in the training curriculum. Each lesson can take up to 20 minutes. Several of the lessons also include art projects, journaling, and forum discussions that will take additional time. The recommended amount of time for completion is 8 -12 weeks.
When you sign up for SFK Certification Training, you will be provided with videos lessons and several downloadable PDF workbooks. To complete the training, you will need a journal for responding to reflective questions as well as common household and craft supplies including pencils, paper, glue, markers, and scissors to complete the children’s activities. A full list of supplies is provided once you register for the training
Regular price: $2,499
Intro price: $1449
We also have payment plans available, a financing fee applies:
Upon sign-up $549
After 2 weeks $549
After 2 more weeks $549

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer 30-day money-back refund on fees net of 10% processing fee. Request for refund must be sent to Upon refund, access to the program will be deactivated and any work partially completed will be lost.

The course is accessible for 18 months from the initial date of registration.



Once you have completed the training, we will enter into an agreement that authorizes you to use the SFK name. We will provide marketing collaterals that describe SFK and its benefits, which you can customize to advertise your class. Before your class starts, be sure to order workbooks from the SFK store for all of your students!
You can teach SFK in any place that services children: schools, after-school programs, kids clubs, private classrooms, and more. You may also choose to teach in community centers, including libraries and places of worship. Or, if you have room, you may choose to host classes in your home.
No – you are free to teach when and where you are able. As long as you can provide the children with a good learning environment that works with their schedules, they will learn so much!
There are no price restrictions. All facilitators are free to charge as much or as little as they wish.
Your certification is valid for one year, renewable yearly thereafter for $150.
We offer special rates for multiple users: 10% off the second user,15% off the third to the fifth user, and 20% off more than 5 users provided they all register at the same time.
Yes, we have both. Refer a friend to the online certification and receive $100. Refer a child to Level 1 or 2 of the kids’ program and receive $20. When you teach the course to a whole classroom of children, each Lightbook (student handbook) will be discounted 20%.
Yes, as a certified SFK teacher, you have exclusive access to our quarterly webinar with Q&A. You will also have the chance to share your teacher success stories with other facilitators, donors, and supporters worldwide.



No, SFK is not religious. It is a secular social-emotional learning program. From the beginning, SFK has served all faiths and those who do not have a faith affiliation equally. Children from families that identify as Muslim, Christian, and Jewish, “Spiritual but Not Religious,” and atheist have all participated and had the same positive outcomes.

We are aware that the word “spirituality” means different things to different people. When some think of “spirituality,” it relates to ancient religious traditions rooted in faith. To others, it means secular meditation and a practice of mindfulness in day to day life. We honor and celebrate whatever it means to you currently! Nothing we offer in our lessons will conflict with anyone’s belief system on the full spectrum of orthodoxy to atheism.

What we refer to as “spirituality” is simply the part of the child that is not the body and the mind. The ineffable, beautiful, unique “spirit” (in SFK we call it “Light”) that is inside of every child. It is the deeper, purpose-and-compassion driven core of who they each are. We seek to educate and nourish this part.

A “social-emotional education” teaches social-emotional skills. These skills include the ability to manage emotions, see challenges as opportunities, successfully communicate, behave appropriately, and recognize how one’s actions impact those around them.

Every child is equally at risk in this complex and ever-changing world, and the SFK program was developed to serve them all equally. From affluent areas of Miami, NYC and London, to impoverished areas of Rio de Janeiro and rural villages in Africa – SFK has improved lives. It is considered best for kids between the ages of 6-12.
SFK courses can be done online, from anywhere with an adult, OR through physical classes taught by a Certified SFK Facilitator. To do the courses online, you sign up, you log in, and you start learning! To attend physical classes, you write to us to inquire about classes taught by Certified SFK Facilitators in your own vicinity.
RAND honored the SFK program for exemplary outcomes in categories including communication, learning and study skills, behavior and attention – among others. Read more.
SFK is a global non-profit that seeks to spread social-emotional education to every child, everywhere. In accordance with that mission, SFK charges those in communities (like the US) where the population can afford to pay and uses that revenue to subsidize the programs they offer for free in developing nations where children need to not only be offered the classes, but internet and laptops as well.
So far SFK has been taught in 22 countries and translated into 5 different languages. We have helped more than 67,000 children worldwide and are reaching out to more communities all the time.
SFK was founded in 2002 by a group of like-minded mothers, educators, and mental health professionals. They saw that some of the most critical life skills were being left out of traditional education and decided to do something about it.
From the very beginning SFK has been completely supported by an ever-expanding group of dedicated donors, ambassadors, and volunteers. Our global community of donors and ambassadors are the ones who have seen the program’s results first hand.

Join facilitators from all over the world!

Join facilitators from all over the world!


Introduction Price: $1,499

Payment plans available:
3 monthly payments of $549