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“Become the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi


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We go straight to the heart of it

In just 12 weeks, from the comfort of your home, your child will learn practical social-emotional tools that will strengthen their confidence in themselves and ignite compassion for others. SFK teaches children more than just how to improve their behavior – it teaches them to take a global perspective. It helps them see the ripple effect their individual choices have, not just on those around them, but on the world. At SFK we go straight to the heart of what helps children thrive.  We help children – and their parents – connect with the deeper truth of who they are, why they are unique, and why it is important to share their gifts with the world. We help them to pause before they react, to manage their emotions with practical tools, and to make better choices.

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Spirituality is a tricky word:

Here is what we mean when we use it.

At SFK we are aware that the word “spirituality” means different things to different people. When some think of “spirituality” it relates to ancient religious traditions rooted in faith. To some it means secular meditation and a practice of mindfulness in day to day life. We honor and celebrate whatever it means to you currently! Nothing we offer in our lessons will conflict with anyone’s belief system on the full spectrum of orthodoxy to atheism.

What we refer to as “spirituality” is simply the part of the child that is not the body and the mind. The ineffable, beautiful, unique “spirit” (in SFK we call it “Light”) that is inside of every child. It is the deeper, purpose-and-compassion driver core of who they each are. OR The Light is one’s core – where purpose and compassion reside and one’s character is defined. We seek to educate and nourish this part. So when we named ourselves Spirituality for Kids,  we simply intended to communicate that we are a program that tends to the spirit the way a great school and healthy food nurture their minds and bodies. To raise a fully balanced child we need to tend the inner garden of each part of the child – mind, body, AND spirit.

Can I share, help, and/or teach SFK? 2017-12-21T10:33:03+00:00

Yes! There are many ways to get involved and support SFK. You can make a tax-deductible donation through our site. Or, you can get certified to teach the class to groups. You can become a global ambassador, or volunteer at specific events. See the “Outreach” page for more information on all these options.

Who supports SFK? 2017-12-20T23:21:37+00:00

From the very beginning SFK has been completely supported by an ever-expanding group of dedicated donors, ambassadors, and volunteers. Our global community of donors and ambassadors who have seen the program’s results first hand.

How was SFK started? (a brief explanation of “why” and “how”) 2017-12-20T23:31:47+00:00

SFK was founded in 2002 by Karen Berg and a group of like-minded mothers, educators, and mental health professionals. They saw that some of the most critical life skills were being left out of traditional education and decided to do something about it.

How big is SFK? 2017-12-21T10:26:53+00:00

SFK has been taught in 22 countries and translated into 5 different languages. We have helped more than 67,000 children worldwide and are reaching out to more communities all the time.

Is SFK a non-profit? 2017-12-20T23:26:35+00:00

SFK is a global non-profit that seeks to spread social-emotional education to every child, everywhere. In accordance with that mission, SFK charges those in communities (like the US) where the population can afford to pay and uses that revenue to subsidize the programs they offer for free in developing nations where children need to not only be offered the classes, but internet and laptops as well. To learn more please go to our Outreach section.

“A child’s mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”


The SFK Team

Michal Berg
Michal BergCEO And President
Michal leads SFK’s global expansion with inspirational depth. She is a celebrated author and speaker. But her greatest asset and qualification is that she is the loving mother of five children who challenge, teach and inspire her SFK work every day.
Claudia Bosschaerts
Claudia BosschaertsOutreach Advocate
With over two decades experience in the American and Hispanic
markets, Claudia leads SFK’s outreach efforts in the US as well as Latin
America. Her belief that all children deserve a better future drives her to
advocate for them and constantly find opportunities to impact
communities around the world.
Arlene Santos
Arlene SantosFinancial Controller
Raised in the Philippines, Arlene brings two decades of professional accounting education and experience to SFK’s Finance and Human Resources departments. She oversees all internal and external reporting and ensures SFK’s operations and financial reports comply with all regulations related to non-profit organizations.

Ani Mikaelian
Ani MikaelianMarketing Manager
Hailing from the “Windy City” of Chicago, Ani has over a decade of work in the marketing and communications realm. As a loyal volunteer for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, her passion is building a more stable and welcoming environment for future generations. She directs all global marketing efforts and maintains the cohesive message of SFK.
Orit Karrako
Orit KarrakoMiddle East Coordinator
Equipped with experience in international business consulting and a deep belief that it takes more than economic motivation to drive prosperity, Orit is managing SFK’s operation in the Jewish and Arab sectors in Israel.
Halah Sbetan
Halah SbetanMiddle East Educational Coordinator
Halah started working with SFK in 2006, when the program first took place at the summer camp in the Elture (east Jerusalem) community center. In her opinion, the most important things about SFK is to help the kids, as well as ourselves, to understand our self and to deal with the personal issues we face in our life by managing our feeling and actions.