“Become the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Who we are, what we do, why we do it

Spirituality for Kids International, Inc. (SFK) is an independent educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving children, parents, and professionals around the world. SFK’s proven spiritual social-emotional programs are designed to benefit all children – regardless of race, class, or religion – by teaching them viable ways to tap into their inner strengths and see their true potential despite the hardships and stressful situations in their everyday lives through a unique and immersive learning experience. Children that go through our award-winning program make better decisions, are more cooperative and empathetic, and have a deeper sense of responsibility and self-worth.

Our program is available for purchase as well as subsidized for those who cannot pay.

SFK operates through a variety of channels:

  • Online courses for children to do in the comfort of their homes
  • Online Certification Program for professionals to complete at their own pace
  • Outreach and partnerships with schools and organizations around the world

Spirituality is a tricky word…

Here is what we mean when we use it:

At SFK we are aware that the word “spirituality” means different things to different people. When some think of “spirituality” it relates to ancient religious traditions rooted in faith. To some it means secular meditation and a practice of mindfulness in day to day life. We honor and celebrate whatever it means to you currently! Nothing we offer in our lessons will conflict with anyone’s belief system on the full spectrum of orthodoxy to atheism.

What we refer to as “spirituality” is simply the part of the child that is not the body and the mind. The ineffable, beautiful, unique “spirit” (in SFK we call it “Light”) that is inside of every child. It is the deeper, purpose-and-compassion driver core of who they each are. OR The Light is one’s core – where purpose and compassion reside and one’s character is defined. We seek to educate and nourish this part. So when we named ourselves Spirituality for Kids,  we simply intended to communicate that we are a program that tends to the spirit the way a great school and healthy food nurture their minds and bodies. To raise a fully balanced child we need to tend the inner garden of each part of the child – mind, body, AND spirit.

Our Team

Michal Berg
Michal BergCEO and President
Michal leads SFK’s global expansion with inspirational depth. She is a celebrated author and speaker. But her greatest asset and qualification is that she is the loving mother of five children who challenge, teach and inspire her SFK work every day.
Norie Lachica
Norie LachicaFinancial Controller
Norie’s wealth of experience in accounting and finance coupled with her dedication make her an asset to the finance and human resources department of SFK. During her spare time, organizing events fulfills her passion to develop life long relationships with people. She is a loving mother to her three grown up boys and to her husband of 28 year.

Our Board

Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen
Alan is a seasoned educator and speaker having filled many roles: teacher and administrator for the New York City Department of Education, Network Leader providing support and supervision for principals in 32 New York City schools. Co-Chaired Harvard Principals’ Center Advisory Board, Emeritus and was a Founding Board Member of Clarion School Dubai Alan has led national and international projects on educational leadership, creativity and joyful learning, progressive education and parent and community engagement. Additionally, Allan is a Cahn Fellow at Columbia University. He is also the recipient of the Time Warner Principals of Excellence Award and the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from Education Update. Cohen received his Bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College and holds a Master’s of Science, and Special Education from New York University.
Christina Malleos
Christina Malleos
Christina is a graduate of Illinois State University with a major in International Business and Marketing. She has lived in Florence, Italy and attended the Lorenzo de Medici School, which helped hone her aptitude for the commercial aspects of fashion. She is the Director of Business Development at Hilldun Corporation and has played an integral role in growing Hilldun’s portfolio of clients. Christina lives in New York City with her husband and their daughter.
Coby Phillips
Coby Phillips
Jacoby Phillips began his career in the creative industry in 2011 by developing intellectual properties for children and globally licensing them to consumer products. Through his experience in the licensing world Jacoby learned how to effectively communicate to children, and create content to build brands and drive success. In 2016 Jacoby started his consulting firm, YECO Consulting Agency (“YECO”). The goal of YECO is to partner brands and companies with award winning creative, branding and marketing support. Jacoby is supporting SFK’s efforts in developing new content and interactive marketing. Jacoby has experienced the incredible impact of SFK first hand, and is passionate about his goal to bring SFK into the homes of families around the world.
Heath Grant
Heath Grant
Dr. Grant is the Deputy Chair of the Law and Police Science Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He previously served as Associate Director and Senior Consultant for NSIC where he conducted needs assessment and developed courses and course materials for schools, media, police, public servants, and faith-based institutions. He is an expert in crime prevention and youth resiliency, and has developed and evaluated school-based programs that continue to reach over 1,000,000 children annually. He is he currently testing SEL programs with incarcerated populations. Dr. Grant holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Queen’s University and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the City University of New York.

Our Collaborators

Almen Rojas
Almen RojasSpanish Language Facilitator Trainer
Almen is a teacher with a passion for helping children live a happier life, this has led her to teach the SFK programs to the children in her community and later become an SFK Facilitator trainer. She guides and supports SFK Facilitators all over Latin America.
“I’ve had the blessing and fortune of achieving though SFK what I desire to do for my students. I finally found a way of bringing about change for the children, but SFK has also been a transforming experience in my own life and the life of my family, far beyond what I could imagine. Now, as a facilitator trainer, I have the opportunity to duplicate the ability to plant seeds that will reach more and more children around the world. I want them to have the opportunity to live a fulfilled life regardless of their conditions and help make the world a better place.”

Cecilia Rivero
Cecilia Rivero SFK Ambassador
Cecilia has helped improve the lives of many by taking the SFK programs to Guatemala, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and by supporting the continuous enrichment of our SFK Facilitator community across Latin America. Cecilia believes in connecting and nurturing the inner child as a means of self-improvement and has guided many children and women in this journey with the SFK programs.
“I became an SFK Certified Facilitator, which helped me strengthen my connection to my inner child, improve my self-esteem, and be more resilient. This incredible training has put me on the path to winning “the game of life!”
Halah Sbetan
Halah Sbetan Educational Coordinator/Arabic Language Facilitator Trainer
Halah started collaborating with SFK in 2006, when the program first took place at the summer camp in the Elture (east Jerusalem) community center. In her opinion, the most important thing about SFK is to help the kids, as well as ourselves, to understand our self and to deal with the personal issues we face in our life by managing our feeling and actions.
“I truly enjoy teaching SFK, and through it I have become more connected to my own feelings. I recommend the SFK programs to all teachers and parents who want to help their kids become more internally connected and positively involved in their community”
Milagros Casas
Milagros CasasEl Cambio Comienza Conmigo
Milagros has been providing children in her native country of Venezuela with social-emotional education through the SFK programs as well a training and supporting program facilitators through her organization El Cambio Comienza Conmigo. She believes children are the future and the change her country needs.
“My work in helping children is rooted in my conviction that children are the world’s most valuable natural resource. We have to create a world with healthy children and the best place to start is caring about their social-emotional education. For sure, they will be more effective adults, and we will make the world a better place.”
Monica Ghersi and Carlos Arango
Monica Ghersi and Carlos ArangoNaomi for Kids
Monica and Carlos began as SFK volunteers in the United States and decided to take the programs to Peru, where they live most of the year, through their organization Naomi for Kids. They currently have 14 SFK facilitators working in 21 public schools, and the testimonies from the teachers and principals indicate that there has been a considerable decrease in the number of fights and disturbances during the day.
“Our commitment to SFK stems from the need for children in Peru to have tools to strengthen their self-esteem, develop skills for positive leadership and acquire values that contribute to their spiritual development. Children go to school to study but are not taught how to manage their emotions.”
“I became an SFK Certified Facilitator, which helped me strengthen my connection to my inner child, improve my self-esteem, and be more resilient. This incredible training has put me on the path to winning “the game of life!”
Orit Karrako
Orit KarrakoMiddle East Coordinator
Equipped with experience in international business consulting and a deep belief that it takes more than economic motivation to drive prosperity, Orit is managing SFK’s operation in the Jewish and Arab sectors in Israel.
Raquel Cadavid
Raquel Cadavid El Cambio Comienza Conmigo
Raquel has been committed to helping children in places that have been hurt by violence, racial discrimination and many other different social problems. The goal of her foundation, Música Para la Paz, is to teach music as a tool for the construction of peace and she has been doing so through music and by providing children with invaluable social emotional education with the SFK programs.
“Playing a musical instrument requires effort, discipline, learning to overcome obstacles and get up in the face of frustration. Thanks to the lessons provided by SFK, we have been able to support this process so that our students have the necessary tools they need to succeed regardless of circumstance. The most beautiful thing of all is to discover that these teachings help not only the children, but also their families.”
Sharoll Fernandez
Sharoll Fernandez Zera Bolivia
Whether it is a group of teenage mothers, single mothers, entrepreneur women, children with difficult family situations or confined in a hospital, through her Organization, Zera Bolivia, Sharoll has touched the lives of many women and children with the SFK programs.
“SFK has given me a profound understanding of how to play the “Game of Life” through joy, transformation, self-love and love of others. Most importantly, through the SFK Certification Program, I have been given tools and knowledge of how to share this understanding with little children.”