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SFK’s practice of full financial accountability and transparency  

Since SFK acquired its own FEIN in 2010, our financial statements have been audited by independent, reputable auditing firms in Los Angeles, known in the industry for their rigorous auditing practices. Every year SFK passes with flying colors.

  •  2014-2017 financials – audited by Gursey Shneider, LLP
  • 2010-2013 financials – audited by Singer Lewak LLP

✔️ Every dollar raised by SFK, is used exclusively for SFK activities and endeavors.  Over 80% of total expenditures are directly spent on the programmatic development, production and distribution of our lessons.

✔️ SFK requires all board members and employees to abide by a conflict of interest policy that encourages high standards of ethics and integrity.

✔️ Founders and board members do not benefit from financial remuneration in any form.

✔️ We take transparency with our donors, site users and the community very seriously. We strive to ensure that all fundraising efforts clearly portray the purpose of the funds raised. We ensure that all contributions received are used for the purposes for which they were made.

✔️ We respect and appreciate our supporters. As such, we protect the privacy of our donors and site users. SFK does not sell its mailing lists.

Feel free to contact us via phone (310 464 0570) or by email ( We’ll be happy to answer questions or address issues that require any clarifications.

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