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Children Learn to Manage Their Emotions

It’s incredible how our step-by-step social emotional learning curriculum teaches children 8-12 years old how to understand and manage their emotions while equipping them with the tools to boost their confidence and ignite their compassion for others. Embark on a multimedia adventure in two levels filled with creative exercises and relatable characters all from the comfort of your own home.

SFK helps children:

  • Have a stronger ability to manage tough emotions

  • Experience lower frustration levels and fewer clashes

  • Deepen their sense of responsibility

  • See challenges as opportunities

  • Express improved confidence, tenacity, and grit

  • Make wiser, more compassionate choices

In Level One, Ari is a young, idealistic boy with a sarcastic side that gets him into trouble when he visits Mr. Why’s toy store. Mr. Why sees an eagerness to learn within Ari and gives him a special game called “The Game of Life.” Ari finds himself trapped in an alternate universe where he needs to learn the rules of the game in order to get back home.

Ari is a young boy who, like many boys and girls, is idealistic, wide-eyed and a little bit sarcastic. This sarcasm gets him into trouble when he visits Mr. Why’s toy store. Mr. Why sees an eagerness to learn within Ari and gives him a special game called “The Game of Life.” Ari rushes home to play the game and finds himself trapped in an alternate universe where he needs to learn the rules of the game in order to get back home to his own life. Together with Ari, your boys and girls discover the spiritual tools to win at the game of life.

Lesson: Learning the rules is the only way to win.
The first step to winning any game is knowing and understanding the rules. In this lesson children understand that there is a simple metaphor for how to approach tackling life and all its many challenges.

Lesson: Understanding what drives deeper happiness.
All the things that bring our children (and us!) the greatest sense of fulfillment in life can’t be measured or held – like love, friendship, and the feeling of really trying our best.

Lesson: Connecting to inner strength
The sun’s warm rays are shining even behind dark clouds. Like the sun being present (actually and metaphorically) even when it cannot be seen, there is an infinite source of strength available for children to draw from – even when life is full of challenges. In SFK we call it the Light.

Lesson: Revealing unique gifts.
Whether just listening to a younger sibling tell a story or sharing a treat with a friend, everyone has goodness to share. At SFK we refer to this goodness as Light. We help children see the Light inside them and all the many special ways they can share it with the world.

Lesson: Seeing challenges as opportunities.
Imagine shooting goals in soccer with no goalie. There would be no challenge! No improvement. In this lesson, children learn to see their “opponents” as their allies in becoming their best self and build resilience in facing their opponent head-on.

Lesson: Learning to make better choices
Children (and grown ups!) often misplace the lion’s share of responsibility for their happiness on those around them: parents, siblings, friends, and teachers. In this lesson, they learn that the key to their happiness is in their own hands.

Lesson: Igniting a desire to do their best.
It is infinitely better for your sense of self-worth to try your hardest and get a “C” than to cheat and get an “A”. In this lesson, kids learn that a different and often deeper sense of fulfillment and confidence comes from making an effort, rather than taking the easy way out or giving up.

Lesson: Pausing before reacting and managing emotions.
When our buttons get pushed or things don’t go our way, an immediate reaction can erupt before we know what’s happening! But SFK has a formula that remedies kids’ habitual response patterns once and for all.

Lesson: Sharing and cooperating feel great!
In this lesson, children learn that the wonderful feeling of making a friend smile by sharing a cookie is way more fulfilling than eating it alone. They also learn that sharing isn’t just about physical things. You can share kindness, warmth, and strength as well.

Lesson: Learning the right way to share.
True sharing means sharing from love, sharing to help, and sharing without expectations. In fact, sometimes true sharing means not giving something away, like saying “no” when asked to share answers on a test.

Lesson: Developing compassion for all.
Like individual waves on the surface of a vast ocean, we are all made of the same stuff. We are all connected. Focusing on the similarities and the ties that bind us makes us all stronger.

Lesson: Growing greater self-worth and sense of purpose.
Every child has the potential to be great! But too often, children look out at the big world and fail to see the consequential place they can take in it. In this lesson we help children really understand where they fit.

Our bright young friend, and all the children and parents who followed along, have learned a ton of useful tools in the process of completing his journey home. To find out what happens in the next chapter of our friend’s journey – you will have to follow him into Level Two.

  • 12 lessons

  • 110+ minutes of video

  • e-Lightbook for kids

  • step-by-step instructions


In Level Two, Ari and his friend Gabby are on a whole new adventure traveling through a variety of exciting worlds where they will learn about cause and effect, judgment, the power of words, and appreciation among many other concepts. They will face a lot of challenges, but have Mr. Why and other guides to help them along the way.

Ari and Gabby have a whole new adventure ahead of them – traveling through a variety of exciting worlds where they will learn about cause and effect, judgment, the power of words and appreciation among many other concepts. Each time they learn their lesson, they get to move on to the next world, until they find the way back home. They will face a lot of challenges, but will have Mr. Why and a bunch of other guides to help them along the way. Will they be able to beat Mr. Shady, who is blocking them along the way? Will they be able to achieve their goals?

If you don’t know where you are going, you are never going to get there! In this lesson children learn that they need to identify their goals in order to see the pathway to get there.

In this lesson children learn that every single thing they think, say and do causes a reaction. The example of planting seeds is used to illustrate that sometimes long periods of time pass before the effect is seen.

If you spot it you got it! The reflection fairy comes and teaches lessons about the perils of blaming others. She teaches “change it – don’t blame it!”

We are all connected to everything and everyone. In this lesson kids learn that every movement creates waves the ripple out into the world, affecting everybody.

Children learn that sometimes we can share the smallest kindnesses and it ripple outward and paint our days (and others’) with Light. Simply shifting to a positive perspective is a great choice that leads to fulfillment.

Although judgement can come from an intuition which helps kids stay away from dangerous people and situations – it can also be harmful. Based off little info, kids can make the wrong assumptions.

Temptation can be really hard to bear! Whether it is cookies, or the newest book in a series a child adores. This lesson teaches the value of balance!

This lesson teaches children the importance of friends and asking for help in moments of struggle. It is tough to overcome fears, but the effort required always reveals more light.

This lesson helps children understand the impact of their words. Hurtful words have an effect. Helpful words have an effect. Once they are out there you can’t take them back!

In this lesson kids learn to focus on the unique and special parts of other people. Seeing and honoring other people’s gift help them move closer to their goals and share their Light.

Even the hardest things in life – like losing a pet or even a parent – can hold incredible lessons. In this lesson kids are helped to identify the calm that follows the storm.

Kids learn that while it is ok to feel bad when we’ve done something wrong, but feeling bad is a negative feeling and has the negative effect. So you can’t stay in to long.

The children who have traveled through the many different worlds have made it back to their world. They are shown a new situations where they handle things in a differently by using all of the lessons of SFK. The children are pleasantly surprised to see that everything they learned really does change the way they feel, and the way others around them feel. They both keep their goals in mind as they change themselves from the inside, in order to change the world!

  • 12 lessons

  • 110+ minutes of video

  • e-Lightbook for kids

  • step-by-step instructions


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Children and parents are raving!

This program was very simple and exactly what my child needed. It took the profound and made it completely accessible for his mind. And he loved it!
– Brooke, Mom

The program helped me deepen my knowledge on how to deal with my opponent and listen to my true voice.  Each lesson was something that will be needed later on in my life and gave me a good foundation on how to handle different situations. The lessons are fun and creative way, which made me motivated to continue on from Level 1 to Level 2.  It is a great accomplishment to finish both levels!
– Olivia, 13 years old

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, careful thought, and caring hearts in bringing this message for all the children of the world.  My daughters and I have greatly benefited from both levels of this program. I hope that I am able to take this wisdom you have given to me and my family and ‘pay it forward.’
– Lyndra, Mom

RAND recognizes SFK for highly effective outcomes in an independent
outcome study.