Do you feel called to help children develop resiliency?

Do you feel called to help children develop resiliency?

What is your relationship to hardship, pain, loss, illness, and disappointments?

Are you trying to make it go away as fast as possible because it is “wrong” or “it shouldn’t be this way,” and you feel shame for having any of it as part of your life? Or maybe you dwelling in them and holding on to them, making them an inseparable part of your identity and “story”?

We all do a bit of both. But when we learn to be present with life’s challenges without labeling them as a punishment or making them into our excuse, they can become a catalyst for developing greater strength and more profound Love.

The core concept we teach in SFK is that we all are part of and contain Light. And when life presents us with challenges, those challenges are meaningful and purposeful. And we have what it takes to move through them and thrive despite them.

When children are reminded of and learn how to connect to their inner Light, they can better manage their human experiences and develop emotional and spiritual intelligence, resulting in the necessary resiliency to go through life.

Do you feel called to help children learn that? Check out our SFK Certification Program now on a special pre-summer sale.

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What people taking the certification are saying:

What people taking the certification are saying:

“SFK changed not only my educational career but also my personal life”

I liked this course very much because I could change not only my educational career but also personal life and teaching style, attitude. I am very happy that I have an opportunity to take part in this wonderful course and life learning journey.

Adolat U.

“I will bring this program not just to children but their parents as well”

Looking forward to bring this amazing to children and their parents in our community and the world!!!

Jean B.

“Aligns with everything children should know”

“Love SFK…. totally aligns with everything I believe and think children should know!!”

Joanna Q.

“Wonderful training program”

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to go through this wonderful training. Thank you for a great program.

Miriam Z.

“Grateful for the experience”

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Esperanza H.

“Amazing wisdom that helps the children and parents win in the game of life”

SFK has an awesome concept of sharing the wisdom to help the children and the parents to elevate their consciousness to win this life we have in this world. I am definitely very excited about sharing this program to my community.

Maria P.

“Program for children in every classroom”

I look forward to sharing this program as much as I can with as many avenues as I can. Thank you for the guidance through all of the concepts and putting together a program for children that I feel should be in every classroom!!!!

Fortune B.

“Teaching the SFK programs gave me the opportunity to heal my childhood issues and traumas”

The magical thing about teaching SFK is the opportunity it gave me to heal my own childhood issues and traumas, I started to become more fun and light with myself and others. Naturally creating a simple spiritual dialogue to relate to others, awakened a desire to have children of my own to have the same dialogue with them (which I have and do now). SFK gave me a platform to teach spirituality to teenagers, parents and adults many different platforms and settings.

Jay Kemal, Teacher, London UK

“Among the many other coaching tools, the SFK curriculum is my first stop in working with students”

The SFK curriculum has given me a foundation, plan, and vocabulary to guide my students and clients through situations and challenges; important opportunities to become a better version of themselves, they would have otherwise let slip by unnoticed. In my practice, although I have access to many other coaching tools, this by far is my first stop in working with clients. I believe if parents and children truly understand and can apply the tools learned in the SFK curriculum, they will be able to live a life of open dialogue, utilize every challenge they encounter as an opportunity, and truly connect to their power to make a difference in the world through their own winning in the game of life.

Hannah Hernandez, New York City, NY

“The SFK program has touched the hearts of kids of different backgrounds and ages in schools, non-profit organizations, factories, and hospitals”

I have seen the SFK program touch the hearts of everybody no matter where they come from. I have taught SFK to kids in schools, in non-profit organizations, in factories, and at hospitals; These kids were from different backgrounds (low income to high income), from violent and non-violent environments, ranging from 7 till 58 years old! (because even adults have an inner child) – all with the same result: the child, or the inner child in a grownup, realizes that they have a wonderful LIGHT within and that they do not have to look for it outside themselves. They learn there are rules and easy-to-use tools that will help them live and share a rich and fulfilled life.

Cecilia Rivero, Teacher, Guatemala

“Each lesson brought valuable changes not only to the children but to myself as well”

I had the pleasure of teaching a class of children ages 6-11 in Miami every Sunday for 12 weeks. Each and every lesson brought valuable information to not only the children but to myself as well. Coming up with examples, even on the spot, was such an easy task simply because I could apply the SFK curriculum to my own life. After being able to teach this class, I can say that when I come across different situations throughout my day, I naturally refer back to the SFK curriculum and use it! Every time we met in class, I could see a shift in the children I taught.

Ariel Auerbach, Miami, Florida

“It impacts the world on the seed level”

There are many organizations doing meaningful work that impacts the world for the better. Spirituality for Kids stands out to me because it impacts the world on the seed level; consciousness. Children who grow up with healthy self-worth, self-regulation, and true care for others, grow into adults who show up in the world with more to give and less to take. This is the power of SFK.

Kate T.

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