Get certified to teach SFK!

Make a difference in your community

while earning extra income.

By participating in the SFK Certification Program, you will receive a toolkit of leadership and communication skills to better help children develop empathy, grit, and confidence. You will learn cutting-edge educational best practices, along the SFK curriculum lesson-by-lesson tips and guidelines.

For Individuals
For Schools & Organizations
  • Nurture Social Emotional Learning skills in your students to develop resilience, grit, empathy and self-worth.

  • Help kids connect with their True Self and their inherent desire to succeed.

  • Apply educational practices such as Learning Levels and Questioning Techniques (Bloom´s Taxonomy) to lead kids into critical thinking so they can make better choices.

  • Employ the Umbrella of Care model to better connect with your students.

  • Use the SFK 7 Guiding Principles to develop Spiritual Intelligence that will support your students and turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Utilize the Multiple Intelligences model to identifying your student’s strengths.

  • Apply the different Learning Styles to keep children engaged.

  • Address common behavior challenges through the use of Positive Discipline

  • Get to know your students’ needs through Active Listening.

  • Identify teachable moments in the classroom, implement SFK tools and vocabulary to positively solve situations while being an effective leader.

  • Make use of collaborative work, playing and role playing for meaningful learning and to achieve the purpose of each lesson.

  • Deal with unexpected incidents; understand what type of classes you can build; receive lesson plans and tips for delivery.

For Individuals
For Schools & Organizations

To learn more about the SFK Certification Program checkout our FAQ page.