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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Abgizounon Maeva, 8 years old, from Benin, Africa

Abgizounon Maeva, 8 years old, from Benin, Africa

“I learned to listen to the True Voice inside me”

“I learned to listen to the True Voice inside me”

In this video, you see Serkan and Jay, from London, SFK Certified Facilitators, teaching Tommy and Jack, two brothers from Panama, through Zoom our Level One Course: Winning in the Game of Life.

Pascale Sossah, SFK ambassador in French to Africa

Pascale Sossah, SFK ambassador in French to Africa

Spirituality for Kids in a UK School

Spirituality for Kids in a UK School

Amie, former SFK student, 13 years old

Amie was suffering from low self-esteem and lack of confidence before she went through the SFK program back in 2004. SFK changed her life.

Amie, former SFK student, now 26 years old

Amie, now 26, went through the SFK program when she was a teenager. Today still, she draws upon the SFK lessons to build strength and live a fully happy life.

A family in Boise, Idaho, doing the SFK program together

“When we did the first video, it was very simple and it was exactly what he needed. It took the profound and made it completely accessible for his mind.”

Monica, a “Big Sister” from Florida

Monica, a “Big Sister” from Florida

“I saw the progress in the kids while we did it. Nowadays he is much, much better in conduct at school, at home, and even with me. It helps the kids be themselves.”

“I saw the progress in the kids while we did it. Nowadays he is much, much better in conduct at school, at home, and even with me. It helps the kids be themselves.”

Julia & Jack, from Australia

“It’s both inviting visually for kids and parents to be able to have the freedom of doing a class anytime we want, the multitude of ways you can learn.”

Ilana & Esther, Los Angeles, CA

Family in Los Angeles, CA, doing SFK

“The program helped her to think even when she’s very mad before she reacts”

SFK staff paying a surprise visit to 2 girls
doing the SFK program at home.

SFK staff paying a surprise visit to 2 girls doing the SFK program at home.

Daniel, former SFK student, 15

Daniel, 15, speaks about the life-saving impact that SFK has had on him when he was 13 years old.

About the Parenting and Children’s Programs

About the Parenting and
Children’s Programs

“Great program for children and parents”

These young men really enjoy the program, most of them have highlighted that there is no real communication and trust between them and the parents. On the other hand, some parents are attending the classes with their children and comment that they are also what they need to modify in themselves in order to help their children in changing their behavior.

Pascale Sossah, SFK ambassador and certified facilitator

“SFK captured my heart” 

SFK is such a treasure. Encountering spirituality as an adult, I wished I had known the rules of the Game of Life earlier, and I remember telling myself: this has to be covered at school. Then I came across SFK, and my heart was captured :-) Every kid should have access to the program. It is very intuitive, and the support materials are brilliant.

Rebecca Ivelina

“Positive changes, regardless of their circumstances”

I am very grateful because we saw positive changes in the children, not just behaviorally and cognitively, but above all, emotionally. We taught children from different households and situations — from those who were living in a state of great vulnerability, to those who were in what is considered an average family unit. We found that through the program, everyone experienced transformation, regardless of their circumstances.

Ivonne Juarez, Psychologist DIF Zacatelco

“SFK helped me realize the importance of self-awareness and self-love”

I learned about SFK in September 2020, and I’m glad I did. As a mom of two teenagers and a preschooler, I used to think that the success of parents depends on the achievements of their children. And that parents should always prioritize their children’s needs. SFK helped me realize the importance of self-awareness and self-love so I can give more love and care to my family. Parenting the Soul Online Course gave a powerful impact on my parenting journey. It served as my guidance whenever I feel frustrated, confused, or when I feel like I failed as a mom.

I commend SFK for continually supporting not just children but Parents as well, for guiding us to discover more!


“Positive changes and higher grades”

I have noticed many positive changes in my students as they learn the SFK program. Overall, they become calmer, learn how to take responsibility, and are more caring with others. One of the teachers in East Jerusalem reports that students who go through SFK wind up with higher grades.

Halah, SFK Lead Teacher and Arab language Facilitator trainer

“Every kid should go through these courses”

Amazing content and pedagogy, need of the time, I think each and every kid should go through these courses. Wonderful and supportive staff.

Monica Malik

“Kids see the world differently”  

Spirituality for Kids has helped our kids to see the world from a different perspective, take responsibility for their acts, and be their best by learning to Share their talents!!


“Children now act and speak from their hearts”

The Embera culture has an aggressive nature and this program gives us the opportunity to nurture our children, young people and families. The SFK program has helped our children open their hearts and see the goodness that is inside of them. One of the most beautiful things that I have seen happen is when the children now act and speak from their hearts.

Professor Abelardo Tascon

“SFK is a comprehensive social-emotional program”

Several years ago, I came across the SFK curriculum. This program has exemplary content for children and their parents.

I have participated in training and watched this program seamlessly unfold in my former school.

The delivery of this program is simple and user-friendly but exquisitely sophisticated teaching conflict resolution, problem-solving, integrity communication, and empathy, just to name a few.

SFK is a comprehensive social-emotional program focusing on necessary skills for the 21st and 22nd centuries.

I wholeheartedly support this program and highly recommend it.

Alan Cohen

About The Certification Program

About The Certification Program

“It impacts the world on the seed level”

There are many organizations doing meaningful work that impacts the world for the better. Spirituality for Kids stands out to me because it impacts the world on the seed level; consciousness. Children who grow up with healthy self-worth, self-regulation, and true care for others, grow into adults who show up in the world with more to give and less to take. This is the power of SFK.

Kate T.

“SFK changed not only my educational career but also my personal life”

I liked this course very much because I could change not only my educational career but also personal life and teaching style, attitude. I am very happy that I have an opportunity to take part in this wonderful course and life learning journey.

Adolat U.

“Aligns with everything children should know”

“Love SFK…. totally aligns with everything I believe and think children should know!!”

Joanna Q.

“Wonderful training program”

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to go through this wonderful training. Thank you for a great program.

Miriam Z.

“Grateful for the experience”

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Esperanza H.

“I will bring this program not just to children but their parents as well”

Looking forward to bring this amazing to children and their parents in our community and the world!!!

Jean B.

“Amazing wisdom that helps the children and parents win in the game of life”

SFK has an awesome concept of sharing the wisdom to help the children and the parents to elevate their consciousness to win this life we have in this world. I am definitely very excited about sharing this program to my community.

Maria P.

“Program for children in every classroom”

I look forward to sharing this program as much as I can with as many avenues as I can. Thank you for the guidance through all of the concepts and putting together a program for children that I feel should be in every classroom!!!!

Fortune B.

“The SFK program has touched the hearts of kids of different backgrounds and ages in schools, non-profit organizations, factories, and hospitals”

I have seen the SFK program touch the hearts of everybody no matter where they come from. I have taught SFK to kids in schools, in non-profit organizations, in factories, and at hospitals; These kids were from different backgrounds (low income to high income), from violent and non-violent environments, ranging from 7 till 58 years old! (because even adults have an inner child) – all with the same result: the child, or the inner child in a grownup, realizes that they have a wonderful LIGHT within and that they do not have to look for it outside themselves. They learn there are rules and easy-to-use tools that will help them live and share a rich and fulfilled life.

Cecilia Rivero, Teacher, Guatemala

“Each lesson brought valuable changes not only to the children but to myself as well”

I had the pleasure of teaching a class of children ages 6-11 in Miami every Sunday for 12 weeks. Each and every lesson brought valuable information to not only the children but to myself as well. Coming up with examples, even on the spot, was such an easy task simply because I could apply the SFK curriculum to my own life. After being able to teach this class, I can say that when I come across different situations throughout my day, I naturally refer back to the SFK curriculum and use it! Every time we met in class, I could see a shift in the children I taught.

Ariel Auerbach, Miami, Florida

“Among the many other coaching tools, the SFK curriculum is my first stop in working with students”

The SFK curriculum has given me a foundation, plan, and vocabulary to guide my students and clients through situations and challenges; important opportunities to become a better version of themselves, they would have otherwise let slip by unnoticed. In my practice, although I have access to many other coaching tools, this by far is my first stop in working with clients. I believe if parents and children truly understand and can apply the tools learned in the SFK curriculum, they will be able to live a life of open dialogue, utilize every challenge they encounter as an opportunity, and truly connect to their power to make a difference in the world through their own winning in the game of life.

Hannah Hernandez, New York City, NY

“Teaching the SFK programs gave me the opportunity to heal my childhood issues and traumas”

The magical thing about teaching SFK is the opportunity it gave me to heal my own childhood issues and traumas, I started to become more fun and light with myself and others. Naturally creating a simple spiritual dialogue to relate to others, awakened a desire to have children of my own to have the same dialogue with them (which I have and do now). SFK gave me a platform to teach spirituality to teenagers, parents and adults many different platforms and settings.

Jay Kemal, Teacher, London UK

About SFK as an Organization

About SFK as an Organization

“Global mission and integrity”

One thing I look for when donating time or money to a non for profit is the global mission and, of course, the integrity of the leadership. SFK has touched my heart in many ways. The program is geared to help children recognize that their internal light always shines greater than darkness and that we always have a choice to choose positive. Michal, who leads this nonprofit, is one of the most generous and caring individuals I know. Michal’s warmth and open-heart help benefit everyone that supports or participates in this cause. Especially the children and parents. The youth are the future of the world. And the more we educate the souls of humanity, the more loving a world we will all have.

Christina L.

“Accessible and affordable for everyone”

I have had the great pleasure to know the management staff and be involved with this organization for many years. This is a top-notch program and are way ahead in providing online tools for children, parents, and adults of all ages. All with the aim of keeping their programs accessible and affordable for everyone. The work in their communities both at the local and international levels are quite inspiring. I encourage you to connect to the org and engage their staff to learn more about their story.


“Simple step-by-step guidance”

SFK has given me the tools and the training I need to be equipped to deal with young children to help them become whole and ready for this world full of variety. The curriculum is thorough and takes a child, parent, or teacher to the simple step-by-step guidance and directions with the videos, projects, and assignments that SFK provided in this online training and certification. I am very happy with my experience with SFK. It is a much-needed organization to help others who need this learning type.


“Amazing and responsible organization”

SKF is an amazing and responsible organization that supports children and families by providing the tools to empower the children in their lives.

SFK is helping me to cure my inner child. I learn a lot with every single lesson and I have the opportunity to look back and let go of things that I thought wouldn’t have space for new beginnings.

Aline Sarmanho

“The best thing I have done for my kids”

I wish I grew up with the wisdom of SFK. The best thing I have done for my kids is giving them SFK so that they can learn to overcome the challenges of life and become the best version of themselves.

SHERWIN Z., father

“SFK is a dream come true”

Spirituality for Kids is a dream come true and a wonderful way to give our children powerful tools to cope with life challenges in times when challenges come so soon, so sudden and so strong. I love to listen to the classes myself, as we so often forget the basics about who we really are and what we really can achieve through love, respect, and dignity. Well done, SFK

Leonor Moreira, Mother

“Students greatly benefited while having fun”

We have been teaching the SFK programs for two years in a row. It has been a wonderful experience in which our students have greatly benefited from these new skills while having fun. This program is ideal to help our students make the best of their mental and emotional potentials. We would love to continue with this beneficial program and work together to enhance the lives of our students. Thank you!

Nadieh Ayesh, School administration

“More tolerant and emphatic”

I can tell you that my daughter is now more tolerant and empathetic with those around her, I have noticed this change in school. Her relationship with her schoolmates improved and she is now more aware of things that happen to those around her.

Marcela, mother

“Positive changes and higher grades”

I have noticed many positive changes in my students as they learn the SFK program. Overall, they become calmer, learn how to take responsibility, and are more caring with others. One of the teachers in East Jerusalem reports that students who go through SFK wind up with higher grades.

Halah, SFK Lead Teacher and Arab language Facilitator trainer

“SFK empowers children and parents”

SFK changed the way of my children approach life. My two kids took the course via video and I accompanied them in this path. They grow in kindness and compassion, they understand more about themselves, their emotions, and their reactions. I’ve learned so much from them during the course: we had fun, talked a lot, and exchanged points of view about the deep topic. SFK empowers children and parents.

Serena Carloni, SFK Ambassador

Testimonials in other languages

Testimonials in other languages

É maravilhoso poder receber orientação de forma simples, eficaz e direta sobre nosso desenvolvimento e de nossos pequenos. Além disso, é um grande mérito estar envolvido colaborando numa causa que faz uma diferença positiva na vida de pessoas em várias partes do mundo. Com toda certeza, isso afeta minha vida de forma positiva. Muita luz e gratidão.

Alan V.

La rechute est contemporaine de la prise en charge et représente le chapitre le plus pessimiste de la nosologie addictologique. Le programme SFK qui repose sur le principe de gagner au jeu de la vie en responsabilisant les enfants devant les conséquences de leurs actes posés a révolutionné notre pratique d’Addictologue selon l’expérience pilote de 2019.

En effet les enfants qui ont participé à ce programme d’éducation en Ligne étaient ceux inscrits au centre de réhabilitation en fin de traitement.

Sur une dizaine d’enfants inscrits au départ, (les cours ayant lieu les dimanches de 15 à 17h avec obligation d’accompagnement par les parents) 6 parmi eux, ont pu achever l’enseignement. Parmi eux :

5 Toxicomanes – Résultat :
1 cas de rechute après plus d’un an
4 cas d’abstinence et résilience totale
Ce qui signifie une réussite à 100 % pendant 1 an et 90 % jusqu’à la date d’aujourd’hui. Ce Taux d’abstinence n’a jamais été atteint dans la profession.

Nous avions aussi 1 cas d’adolescence turbulente avec influence négative de l’environnement. Résultat : élan extraordinaire de maturité psycho sexuel ET UNE Récupération avec amélioration des résultats scolaires

Diplômé de Santé Internationale et Addictologie clinique
Ex-Attaché des Hôpitaux de Paris et du Sud Francilien
Expert agréé auprès de la Cour d’Appel et des Tribunaux

Dr Samedi Dje Bi, Diplômé de Santé Internationale et Addictologie Clinique, Ex-Attaché des Hôpitaux de Paris et du Sud Francilien, Expert agréé auprès de la Cour d’Appel et des Tribunaux

Le programme SFK, un programme qu’il faut aux enfants en Afrique dans le sens où l’aspect préventif du programme SFK permet aux enfants de suivre des cours de développement personnel, de motivation et de conscientisation. Le programme SFK permettra de consolider l’enseignement académique des enfants d’une part et d’autre ces derniers seront de bon citoyens pour les sociétés et administrations en Afrique fort de celà nous sollicitons toutes bonnes volontés dans le monde à aider, à soutenir la mise en application du programme SFK dans les pays africains.
Car les résultats de l’enseignement du programme SFK a changé les de ma fille en bien, d’où l’élargir serait un atout pour beaucoup d’autres enfants.
Merci beaucoup du fond du cœur

AGBIZOUNON JORES PAUL Vidjennagni , Directeur d'école Au Benin

Bonjour à tous,
Wilfried GBAGUIDI on m’appelle coach au sein de l’Association Nationale des Conseils d’Enfants du Bénin (ANACEB) et coordonnateur national du programme d’Education En Ligne « Gagner dans le jeu de la vie » en République du Bénin. Je suis très heureux de l’élargissement des bienfaits du programme vers mon pays. Au Bénin, beaucoup d’enfants surtout orphelins et vulnérables ont vu leur niveau de leur développement personnel s’élever avec ce programme. En dehors de son aspect éducatif, il a également un aspect social que j’apprécie énormément. Cet aspect se justifie par la volonté de SFK à faire bénéficier le programme à tous les enfants sans discrimination. Sur ce j’invite toute personne de bonne volonté de bien vouloir accompagner cette initiative pour le bien-être des enfants au Benin, en Afrique et dans le monde.
Vive SFK! Vive BCA ! Vive ANACEB

Wilfried GBAGUIDI, Benin / Africa